River Runner

Scattering of Ashes

River Stour, Ramsgate, Sandwich, and Thanet Coast

Did your loved one have a nautical background, a connection with the sea or just enjoyed being around the water?  

Whatever the reason, you can honour your loved one by sending them on their final journey, with a private and personal experience aboard with us where you can take time to remember them and scatter their ashes into the River Stour or along the Thanet Coastline.   

Our family has 100 years’ experience in boating and we know the waters in the area well.

Departing from Ramsgate or Sandwich, we will travel on the River Stour or along the Thanet Coast aboard River Runner, a modern, spacious comfortable 8m Catamaran.  

We can take up to 10 guests and the trip lasts around an hour. 

Ideal for Hindus and Sikhs as the River Stour is running water.

For more information on this personal service of scattering ashes at sea, or on the River Stour email, or call us on: